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Workshops by Marcie Rosen

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Hands On, Innovative Ways to Be Better Parents and Teachers
Although not every teacher is a parent, every parent is a teacher. Parents and teachers are united in their mutual concern for the well-being of children; both need support from their peers as well as professionals, and a forum to get that support. 
Workshops by Marcie Rosen provide that forum and support. 
For teachers overwhelmed by administrative and classroom demands, Workshops by Marcie Rosen provide an opportunity to exchange insights about classroom issues, jump-start creativity and enthusiasm, and learn innovative instructional techniques from both the presenter and their colleagues.
For busy parents, lack of time to interact with other families may lead to a sense of isolation. Workshops by Marcie Rosen can provide a type of  "extended family" experience which is so lacking in today's society.  Parents have an opportunity to learn pertinent basics of child development, share mutual concerns and experiences, and brainstorm solutions to parenting issues.