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Workshops by Marcie Rosen

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About Marcie Rosen
With a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Cincinnati and over 20 years of experience as a teacher and educational consultant, Marcie Rosen has taught students from preschool through middle school. She has provided seminars and workshops for a wide variety of parents and teachers at day care centers, preschools, schools and corporations in Texas, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including M.D. Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine, Bertha Alyce Center, the Woodlands Young Learners Academy and KIPP Academy Day Care, and has been a presenter at the 2012 TAEYC Conference (Texas Association for Education of Young Children) and the Early Childhood Methodist Conference. She is currently in her 14th year as a teacher at the Crossroads School, a school for students with learning differences, in Houston, Texas. Her down-to-earth, animated presentation style, enthusiasm and sense of humor make her workshops truly enjoyable as well as educational. Her practical, easy-to-implement suggestions, activities and materials will benefit students long after the workshop has ended.

Why are Tender Learning Care Workshops so Successful?

Practical, relevant topics
Creative materials
Lively presentation
Real Comments from Participant Feedback Sheets!
“...very informative, hands-on, concrete, and fun!”
“...inexpensive, easy-to-make games and activities..”
“...enjoyed all the ideas presented. Plan to start using them tomorrow!”
“...terrific enthusiasm...’energy booster’..”
“...ideas were very practical..”
“ of the best workshops I’ve been to!”
“ and educational..”
“...effective, informative, and enlightening. I wish we had had time to continue!”